Welcome to JT Automotive
"Hot Rodders helping Hot Rodders"

We are a small company dealing in two products. Performance Vintage intakemanifolds,and re-newed Stromberg carbs. If youwant that true vintage look for your street rod, you've come to the right place.

Stromberg Carburators

Stromberg carbs were used in a variety of applications on Ford products starting in the 1930's. They are the MOST recognized carb. in street rodding today. For a full description of our re-newed carbs, look at our carb section.

Vintage Intake Manifolds

We deal in rare, and hard to find intake manifolds for street rods of all types. We sell ONLY manifolds that incorporate our Stromberg 2 barrell carbs. We specialize in Ford flathead, Buick Nailhead, early Olds, Cad., and Chevy. We provide complete units including manifold, carbs, progressive linkage, air cleaners or stacks w/filters, and thermostat housing when possible. We have a constant turnover, and many manifolds in the pipeline. If you don't see what you are looking for PLEASE contact me, I can find it!